Business I.T support


  • We can provide highly qualified computer support engineers to come to you often within hours of your initial call. Our dedication to providing you with the IT support that you need is of paramount importance, whether just minor problems or major, you will be left to concentrate solely on running a successful business.

    Should you encounter the inconvenience of outside office hours emergencies, you can still call to advise us of your problems so that we give you our undivided attention so that things don’t get out of hand.

    To arrange a site visit, call us on 0208 090 7480 or simply complete the ‘request a call back’ form and someone will contact you shortly.

  • Remote Support (Instant online support)

    Have you ever needed immediate support for your PC? We can help. So long as you still have access to the Internet, it may be possible for us to resolve your problem within a few minutes. With our Online Support (which we provide on a ‘No Fix No Fee’ policy basis), we charge as little as £95 and a 2 hour maximum charge on any single problem. So there are no hidden costs or unexpected surprises.

    For instant PC support call us on 0208 0907480

  • Have you ever needed urgent immediate support? Assuming that you still have access to the internet, it is possible we can remedy the problem within a few minutes. We charge £95.00 for a maximum 2 hours of our technician’s time, which also includes our ‘no-fix, no-fee’ guarantee.

    For instant PC support call us on 0208 090 7480

  • Business Support Contracts

    Business CPP provides you with a highly effective support and computer maintenance service.

    Save Time and money by using us as your own IT department. Our highly effective support and computer maintenance service can be tailored to fit your needs and IT budget.

    Our proactive approach to maintaining your equipment is unique. By preventing things going wrong in the first place, you are ensured that we are able to respond quickly and efficiently when they do.

    Here are the Key Benefits of the Business CPP Service contract:

    Real Cash Savings: –

    • You save money by utilising our service and expertise as an ‘in house’ facility.
    • Your IT Responsibilities are Removed.
    • Our experts ensure that your systems are always running to their maximum capability.
    • We proactively monitor your systems to prevent problems. This includes keeping you up- to- date with the latest anti-spyware and anti-virus programmes.
    • Immediate access to IT professionals when you need them
    • We provide real IT support on the phone by an IT professional immediately by using remote control technology. We are able to see what you can see, and securely take over your computer screen in order to help you.

    Here’s what our Business CPP can give for you:

    • Unlimited Telephone Support – (Depending on contract level)
    • Help is always at the end of a telephone.
    • Remote Support Service – (Depending on contract level )
    • By using remote technology we can fix most computer problems instantly, so there’s no need to wait around for an engineer to come and fix the problem.
    • On-Site Visits –(Depending on contract level)
    • Local engineers are available on your site if required
    • Proactive Maintenance.

    Our Business CPP system runs regular house-keeping tasks and activities on your computers to ensure they are always in top condition and running as effiiently as the day they were first purchased.

  • In order to prevent costly interruptions to your daily work flow activities, we constantly monitor your computers for early signs of trouble. More importantly, we often find faults even before you have noticed them.

  • Microsoft software constantly provides the latest software patches, keeping your system more secure and efficient. We will ensure that you have the latest patches installed.

  • We will ensure that your Spyware protection and anti-virus software are kept up-to-date to keep your computer secure and free from danger.

  • We are more than happy to provide you with all the knowledge that, as a Business CPP client, you need to know. We can also advise you on how to get the most from technology in order for your business to progress and keep up-to-date.